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My services come with the backing of over 11 years experience designing for some of the top global brands from Mercedes-Benz to Chelsea FC. I have worked as a freelancer and employee for both UK & South African agencies achieving measurable results through thoughtful design.

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Website Design

Precise website prototypes created using Photoshop and Illustrator to craft designs that will please you, your clients and meet deadline.

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Email Marketing Design

Responsive email marketing designs that will look great on a small or large screen which will improve those all important open & click-through rates for your clients.

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Banner Ad Design

Allow me to design and produce Flash or HTML banner ads that dazzle viewers into clicking that call to action and give your clients a good return on investment.

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Theme Building

If you need a simple website produced for your personal or business use, I can help you. You choose from a list of pre-built websites and I do the rest.

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You can find some examples of previous projects I have worked on whilst both freelancing and being a permanent member of staff for an agency. For further information on my career history, please visit my LinkedIn page.




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Benefits & Pricing

How does using a freelance designer benefit you and your clients? Well for starters, I am on demand. It just takes one email and you can have me working on that dreaded “dropped in my lap on a Friday afternoon” project that needs to be ready first thing Monday morning. Or how about when your in house designer calls in sick when the work schedule is imploding? That’s where I come in.


My pricing is simple. My services cost R400 per hour and will be billed in 15 minute increments. That means you won’t pay for a full hour if I have only done half an hours work.


I am a clear communicator who has spent most of my professional life talking to people over email & chat apps. I am also Skype call ready when needed.

Accurate Billing

I record all my time using It allows me to send accurate reports of where I spent my time per project combined with my invoice so you know where your money went.

I work Weekends

If needed, I can work over the weekend to get urgent work done for you and your clients. Weekend work is subject to my availability at the time which I will clarify before accepting the job.

Flexible hours

I chose the freelance life to have a bit of variety in my day. This means I am happy to work longer hours when required or into the evening if the job deadline demands it. 


Ah-hah! Going back on your word, hey? Nope - I mean no benefits for me. No sick pay, paid leave, pension or medical aid contributions. That’s my problem, not yours.

People say the nicest things.

“Adrian is not only one of the nicest, sweetest, most sincere people in the world but he has been a really reliable and talented guy to work with.”

Sue Moncur
Director, Planning & Communications at

“Thank you for your hard work and for the speed and efficiency with which you have dealt with our enquires & updates.”

Managing Director of

A selection of brands I have worked with.

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